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Merrill Sinclair

Body Conscious Personal Training in Dallas, GA

Displaying 20160328_190559_014.jpgDisplaying 20160328_190559_014.jpgBody Conscious Personal Training in Dallas, GA: A No Judgement Zone

For over three years Nicole Craig has been a Flirty Girl Fitness instructor at Body Conscious Personal Training in Dallas, GA.  Over the years, she has seen many clients come through the doors of BC where she teaches her fun, upbeat and high energy dance class. But, there has not been a client who has caught her eye quite like Kiara.
Kiara is a sweet, fun-loving, 15-year-old with special needs. You can usually find her front and center in Nicole’s class. “When Kiara first started coming, it was different. I did not know if I had to modify moves for her, or if she was going to be intimidated.” Nicole explained.
“I soon found out that it was actually the opposite. Kiara came in and just attacked the class. She is so strong and energetic. She inspires me because she loves the class so much and she also reminds me that there are no excuses for anything. If I say that I can’t do something, I soon realize that there is no excuse because she is getting out there on the dance floor to do this with her limitations, but she doesn’t treat them as limitations. It reminds me to push myself hard. She does everything with a lot of confidence and she glows when she is out on the dance floor. It makes me feel good that I am making her feel good,” said Nicole.
Nicole believes that a big part of Kiara’s success stems from the positive environment that Body Conscious has. “This place is a no judgment zone. No matter your size, physical ability or color, we provide an environment to support our clients,” she said.
Kiara’s mom Angela says that her daughter has always loved to exercise. “When Kiara was a little girl, I noticed that when I tried to keep her busy with normal toys, they would not keep her occupied at all. But, fitness videos always worked. She would just get up and dance to the fitness videos,” she said.
Kiara goes to school with other special needs students. She started going to the same community dance academy that they all attended where they had a dance class for other special needs kids. “She liked it for a while. But, it wasn’t until a neighbor encouraged me to attend a Zumba class at Body Conscious that she really showed her love for dancing. I brought Kiara and she fell in love with the class right away,” said Angela.

Angela says that Kiara will not allow her to miss one class. Angela believes that Merrill and Sheryl Sinclair, the owners of Body Conscious, are a big reason for the special environment that the fitness facility provides to its clients. “The entire staff has really loved Kiara and made her feel special. Even the clients give her hugs and kisses and it has built up her confidence,” said Angela.
Kiara’s mom also says that taking dance classes with her daughter at BC has made her and Kiara’s relationship grow. “She used to be a daddy’s girl, but now she is always right there by my side. I even ask her if she wants to hang out with daddy. She says, nope, I want to be with you mommy. I really enjoy this one on one time with her, “says Angela.
Kiara’s mom offered a word of encouragement for other parents who have special needs children too. “They are people just like us. They want to be loved. I don’t treat her any differently than any other kids. She has the same privileges and rights as any other child. I don’t prevent her from doing anything that she wants to do. Everything that I do I encourage her to do as well and I don’t hold her back from anything. Once they know that they have the soft spot to fall on, they will try anything. She will try anything and if she falls, she knows that mom is there to catch her.” Angela said.
To learn more about Body Conscious and their family friendly environment, go to www.bodyconscioustraining.com or stop by their studio at 8492 Hiram Acworth Hwy, Dallas, GA 30157 to check out a class.
June 7, 2016