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Merrill Sinclair

Dance Your Way To Success

 Dance Your Way to Success at Body Conscious Personal Training

There are many benefits from dancing. These include improving physical health to giving people a way to deal with stress. Alex Freeman is an outgoing 15-year-old with special needs who is reaping these benefits. She and her mom Christie have been attending classes at Body Conscious Personal Training in Dallas, GA for about three months.
“Alex was invited to class for the first time by her best friend Kiara. We fell in love with it immediately. The music, the people and the environment are all just great. Everyone has invited us in and has made us feel like we are a part of their family,” says Christie.

For children with special needs, one of the main benefits of taking part in a dance class is growing their social relationships. According to the American Dance Therapy Association, when dance is done in a group, children benefit from working together and cooperating in dance routines. This fosters interactions and improves their ability to relate to others
Because it is known as a no judgment zone, Body Conscious is a great place for this. Sheryl Sinclair who owns BC with her husband Merrill says that this is intentional. “When we opened Body Conscious, our goal was to create an environment that people from all walks of life felt comfortable and welcomed in. Our mission has always been to create a place where people are not judged, no matter what fitness level they are at. We also take pride in the fact that the people who come here are more than clients, we are more like one big family,” says Sheryl.

“Everyone here is very inviting and welcoming. I call the other clients who attend classes with us our teammates, because we are all just one big team. It’s all at your own pace and there is no pressure. Alex loves it because she can do her own thing. ” says Christie.
Christie has already seen the benefits of Alex attending dance class at Body Conscious. “She has grown so much since we have been coming. She has always been independent, but the class has really motivated her. This has really improved her activity level. We now go walking on the days that we are not at Body Conscious. Alex has been in other activities like soccer and softball, but this is by far her favorite activity,” says Christie.
To learn more about Body Conscious and their family friendly environment, go to www.bodyconscioustraining.com or stop by their studio at 8492 Hiram Acworth Hwy, Dallas, GA 30157 to check out a class.
June 7, 2016