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Merrill Sinclair

Listen UP!

Listen Up! This is the first of what I hope will be many informative and interesting "articles" that I will be posting on this site every few weeks. They are mostly my opinion as a Fitness Professional, but will occasionally include some verifiable facts from reliable medical or other sources. If nothing else, I hope to make you think about how you are treating yourself......

We are a society of extremes! We either do too much or not enough. We want it all or we want nothing. And, we want it all now. We want the most we can get for the least money, effort, or time. That may work for a lot of people in their daily lives, but it will kill your body. Literally! There really is truth in the cliché "everything in moderation". We find this all the time; when we drink too much, eat too much, don't sleep enough. How do we feel? Do I need to say more? Those are just the obvious things. How about the "habits" we have? Are they the type of habits we would want our children or the people we love to copy? Are they habits that we keep telling ourselves we are going to change..... tomorrow, next week, next month? DON'T!

HOLD ON! Let me explain. The human body HATES extremes!! Yet that is how most of us live our lives. We go from too much to not enough and we will do it overnight. "Tomorrow I'm going to start that super-restrictive, I can only eat blue foods twice a day, and take the miracle-fat-pulverizer pill diet! So tonight I'm going to eat EVERYTHING I CAN!" Sound familiar? How about "I already blew my diet, so I'll just finish the rest of this"? Or "I've missed two workouts this week, so I'll work extra hard tomorrow to make up for it"?

Try to make small adjustments towards your goals, not changes. If you adjust over time, it gives your body, and your mind, time to adjust to your new habits. Get into a routine. If your routine gets interrupted, don't try to make up for it. Just get back to your routine. If you're good 90% of the time, you’re allowed to have a little fun the other 10% of the time. Just don't go to extremes!

Talk to you again soon!
March 22, 2012