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Merrill Sinclair

Listen UP! March2014

Hello Everyone!

It has been a long time since I felt this strongly about a subject that I had to sit down the next day and write a blog about it! But here is it…… The Weight Loss Industry “TRAP”!

“TRAP? WHAT TRAP??  Those pills helped me lose 25 pounds! And when I gained it back all I had to do was start taking those pills again!”

That’s exactly what I mean. Businesses are out there to make money. I agree. I run a business. I want to make money.  My issue is about how the weight loss industry goes about making money. It’s called the “rebound” or “boomerang dieter”.
How much money are we talking?? Depending on what you consider in the total, in 2013 Weight Watchers and Nutri-Systems raked in over $2 billion each! Add in the supplement companies, Medical weight loss companies, books, fitness studios & gyms, equipment, and doctors who perform the surgeries….. You’re looking a $60 billion a year industry!! But I’m only talking about the supplement and medical weight loss companies.

I have a client who regardless of my objections continues to buy the “latest” fat burning weight loss supplements, get the latest metabolism boosting injections, (a little “lipo” here and there) and rave about how well they worked until she stopped using them.  She gains back some of the weight, complains for a while, then starts all over again. These companies LOVE people like her. She works out with me three days per week but refuses to change her diet enough to make the difference. That is the difference between being dependent on supplements or becoming self-sufficient.

Let’s talk about these supplements. At minimum, they don’t work and you wasted your money. On the other end, people have DIED from some of these. And I’m not talking about overdosing. I’m talking these people took the “recommended” dosages. Just search “death by weight loss supplement” and be ready to be shocked. One supplement has recently been linked to Liver failure and Hepatitis!! That is, if you got to the doctor before you died. (I’m not going to mention names because I don’t want to get sued.)

FYI. Supplements are not FDA regulated. Statements about effectiveness are not independently studied. The producers are not required to list all of their “proprietary” ingredients.  They are a bunch of herbs and/or synthetic chemicals that could… will kill you! Maybe not the ones you are taking or considering right now. But, eventually there will be one that does not agree with your body, and your body, or parts of it will stop working. By the time you realize it the damage is done.

OK, Wait! Are all supplements bad? No, but that doesn’t mean they are any good either. What I mean is that what doesn’t kill you probably won’t be very effective for you.

What about “Medical weight loss” clinics.  Um, NO! The only way their “program” works is by injecting you with large doses of vitamins and hormones, severely restricting your food intake, and forbidding you to exercise.  One client was told by the “Doctor” that during the program she would be too weak to exercise. The combination of injections and low calorie diet would be enough to lose the weight. The diet is not only low calorie, but low nutrition also! No exercise means that the client won’t be able to build the lean strong muscle needed to increase the metabolism. In other words, “she’ll be back!”

It’s this type of thinking that keeps these companies in business! You become ADDICTED and have to keep coming back to them and they know it! But I have a better idea…

  1. Balance your eating habits! (notice I didn’t say diet?)
Minimize your intake of refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour, etc.)
Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. (complex carbohydrates)
Lean beef, chicken, or fish. Pork is not recommended because it has the lowest nutritional value of all the meats and is harder to digest.

  1. Regular exercise. Four or more days of Toning, strength training, and cardio.  Doing only one will not give you the desired results. If you are planning on being a body builder, then stick with the strength training only.
  2. Be patient, persistent, and diligent! One mentor said to me “it took you this long to get here, it may take you a while to get back.”
Talk to you again soon!   Merrill
March 12, 2014